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Intensive Care for You is a comprehensive online course for leaders of struggling children, created by a Licensed Professional Counselor.

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Are you frustrated by lack of progress, arguing, meltdowns, having no friends, video game addiction, "I hate you Mom", or "I wish I was dead"? Tired of feeling guilty, angry, confused, worried, or getting weird looks from neighbors? You've tried other solutions but they didn't work. You need simple, straight-forward solutions you can implement with your child that will produce real results.

It's time to get the tools you need and see the child you care about as someone who can get better. With the Intensive Care for You online course, you can learn simple strategies to effectively work with your child to help them find joy and success in their life.

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What Can the Intensive Care for You Online Course Do for You?

Time - Brad Mason has worked with kids in his practice, read the science journals, and attended workshops for the past 25 years. Use the Intensive Care for You online course as a shortcut to what helps kids do better.
Freedom - Take the Intensive Care for You online course and escape the trap of dealing with the same unwanted behaviors over and over again. Gain freedom from the negativity, criticism, judgement, and energy drain by learning positive ways to interact with your child.
Happiness - Don't be brought down by your worries that your child will suffer because they lack the skills to negotiate emotions and relationships successfully. The Intensive Care for You online course gives you the solutions to create a happy life for you and your child.
Relationship - Research has identified that relationships have a huge impact on mental and physical health. The Intensive Care for You online course will help you improve the quality of children's lives through better relationships.
Money - Invest in your child now and you'll save money on expensive therapy.

Even for the seasoned teacher or counselor, these courses will give you new tools and strategies to help you be more effective helping children and you will be excited to try some of these out right away!

Inside the Intensive Care for You Online Course

Click the images below to watch a preview of each of the ten modules included in the Intensive Care for You online course.


Module #1: Autism/Asperger - Learn More

Digital Culture

Module #2: Digital Culture - Learn More


Module #3: ADHD & ODD - Learn More

Behavior Management

Module #4: Behavior Management - Learn More

Social Skills

Module #5: Social Skills - Learn More

Self-esteem, Self-talk & Self-control

Module #6: Self-Talk - Learn More

Sibling Rivalry

Module #7: Sibling Rivalry - Learn More

Struggles of Gifted Children

Module #8: Struggles of the Gifted - Learn More

Anger Management

Module #9: Anger Management - Learn More

Anxiety Management

Module #10: Anxiety Management - Learn More

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What others are saying

“Thank you so much for this video! We have been to many doctors, counselors, and therapists and none have been near as helpful as this video! I finally understand what I (and his school) are doing wrong and how to fix it. This gave us hope.”

Victoria B.

“I immediately saw where and why I was struggling to get through to my kids. I applied some of the suggested techniques the very same day with my children and the response was immediate and amazing.”

Marian Larkin

“Brad shows how positive reinforcement when the child is doing the behaviors you LIKE to see is so much more helpful than correcting bad behaviors. Great positive teaching videos, and it really works!”


“Within the first ten minutes of watching I felt like I was looking at my children with a brand new set of eyes. Informative and inspiring, the fact that the information and guidance is coming from not just a professional prospective but a personal one really makes the difference.”

Susan Crockett, MD

“I was looking for something to help with my toddler. I learned a lot of techniques that I have already begun trying. It can be frustrating when you feel that you can’t “get through” to your child. I look forward to trying these time proven techniques as he gets older.”

J Kennedy

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